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Wherever heavy vehicles work, machine collisions and pedestrians run-offs occur. Many of them result in serious injuries or even death. Losses caused by the damage of vehicles, goods and downtime are also severe.

You can reduce the number of dangerous situations by educating both drivers and pedestrians. Unfortunately, in practice, this is not enough. While performing professional duties, everyone is focused on carrying out their own tasks, and this naturally reduces vigilance and perceptiveness. Our collision warning system (IPAS) effectively solves this problem.


The basis of IPAS operation are devices called transponders, which communicate with each other on a regular basis, measuring the exact distance from each other. When they get close to each other, they alert employees. The devices allow for precise determination of the distances at which warning signals should be activated.

In the case of vehicles, a transponder measuring the distance from pedestrians and other moving machines is mounted on the roof. There is a device in the driver’s cabin that gives voice and light warnings. They vary depending on whether another vehicle or pedestrian is approaching.

Transponders for pedestrian workers are small so they can be easily attached to a helmet, wristband, lanyard or other pieces of clothing. When a vehicle is approaching, they warn you with an acoustic signal and vibrations. It is also possible to set the devices in such a way that they alarm when employees approach each other at a certain distance. It is an excellent solution to help to keep social distance during a pandemic.

IPAS also allows you to mark dangerous places, such as “blind spots”, where vehicles may suddenly appear around a corner. A flash light is mounted in a visible place, which sounds an acoustic and light alarm every time a vehicle approaches it.


  • Minimise vehicle collisions and accidents involving pedestrians
  • Save money by reducing the frequency of damage to vehicles and goods, as well as downtime
  • Increase work efficiency by increasing the sense of security of employees
  • Make work easier for vehicle drivers
  • Reduce the effect of routine, thanks to current warnings when approaching vehicles and pedestrians at a dangerous distance
  • The system can be used in many places, including warehouses, factories, construction sites, sawmills, mining sites, ports and many others.
  • High flexibility of work, thanks to the possibility of modifying the distances at which the alarm is activated (from 1 to 5 meters)
  • High precision of operation (up to 10 centimetres)


The capabilities of IPAS go far beyond collision warning. This solution will work in all situations where it is necessary to keep a distance between vehicles, machines or people. Below we present a few examples of applications of our system, but there are many more.

  • Keeping social distance – transponders warn employees with a sound signal and vibrations when they approach each other at an unacceptable distance.
  • Access control – the door to the building or room opens automatically only when an employee with a transponder approaches it. They will not open if more than one person is nearby.
  • Automatic slowing down of forklift trucks and other vehicles, close to places that require increased caution (crossings, corners, etc.).
  • Maintaining the limit of people staying in the room – the device signals an audible and light alarm if the number of people in the room is exceeded.


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