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Signalo Safety

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Products offered by Signalo

Lights and warning lines for fork lifts

Reduce the number of pedestrian accidents by increasing the visibility of fork lifts and marking the area of safe distance from them.

Most accidents involving fork lifts are associated with hitting or driving into pedestrians.  Apart from educating their workers, companies most often try to reduce the number of such accidents by ensuring that pedestrians are more visible to forklift operators. All these actions, however, are not sufficient.  It is worth making sure that the oncoming fork lift is more visible to the pedestrian as well. This way, both parties will be sufficiently early alerted to the coming danger.

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Virtual warning signs for overhead cranes

Improve the visibility in the area of crane operation, increasing the safety of employees and the precision of operators.

It is paramount that pedestrians maintain a safe distance from the load transported by the crane.  Unfortunately, it is often difficult to determine the right distance, both from the perspective of crane operators and pedestrians themselves. In order to eliminate the problem, it is enough to mark the current location of the crane with a virtual sign projected onto the floor.  This way, all employees in the area of crane operation will be warned about it sufficiently in advance. It will also make operators’ work significantly easier and improve their precision.

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Virtual horizontal lines

Easily mark traffic routes, driving routes and separate areas, regardless of the quality of the ground as well as indoor and outdoor conditions.

Clearly visible marking of transport and traffic routes in warehouses is not only required by various standards, but also much needed to ensure safety and efficiency of work. Sometimes, for many various reasons, it is difficult to provide it applying traditional solutions, such as painting the lines on the ground.  Virtual lines ensure proper visibility, durability (they do not rub off) and mobility (routes can be easily changed and transformed).

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Virtual horizontal signs

Improve the safety and efficiency of work by increasing the visibility of horizontal signs and eliminating the routine.

Proper marking in warehouses is crucial for efficient and safe progress of works.  It is also required by detailed rules.  It is therefore obligatory and necessary to provide appropriate horizontal signs.  Painting such signs is a good solution – however not the best among the currently available ones. It is much easier to display the signs using projectors.  Thanks to that they are more visible, durable and cheaper to maintain as they do not require refurbishment.  They can be used regardless of the conditions in the room.  Moreover, the signs can be changed or moved to another place at any time.

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System for keeping social distance

Ensure the continuity of the company’s operations, limiting the risk of the virus spreading.

Coronavirus spreads quickly between colleagues, leaving entire teams out of work for days or even weeks. The risk of spreading the disease can be significantly reduced by keeping a distance of 2 meters between employees. In most companies, it is difficult to ensure the conditions in which people would work in total isolation. Thus, our system, which warns employees against getting too close to each other, will work perfectly in such places.

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Safety system during loading/unloading

Eliminate accidents related to the loading and unloading of trucks in your logistics centre.

A forklift truck falling off a loading platform or being trapped in a moving truck is a very common accident. Such accidents are most often caused by a lack of proper communication between the vehicle driver and the logistics centre staff.

Our security system eliminates this problem completely, ensuring proper communication and providing protection against most common mistakes. All this thanks to the easy-to-use, reliable devices.

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Collision warning system

Eliminate collisions of all kinds of vehicles and pedestrians in your workplace.

Vehicle crashes and pedestrian collisions occur very often wherever heavy machinery work. Warehouses, factories, construction sites, sawmills are just a few examples of high-risk locations. Most collisions can be avoided by using our emergency warning system. Thanks to it, both drivers of vehicles and pedestrians will be constantly alerted about any collision risk.

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