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Safety system during loading/unloading

The process of loading and unloading trucks in logistics centres is usually carried out under time pressure. Communication errors often occur between car drivers and loading platform staff. This leads to numerous accidents that are not only dangerous but also cause downtime and thus waste time and money.

Such problems can be avoided thanks to our security system. It will ensure proper communication between the members of staff, protect against the most common mistakes, and improve and speed up the process of loading and unloading of trucks.


The system consists of several cooperating devices: a control panel, two pairs of light signals (to be mounted one outside and one inside the platform) and an electronic wedge under the truck wheel.

The truck driver driving up to the loading platform is not able to start unloading or loading until the wheels of their vehicle are secured with a special wedge. When this is one, the platform door will be automatically unlocked.

When the wedge is placed under the wheel of the truck, the indicator located outside the platform will light up red as a warning not to start the vehicle. At the same time, the indicator located inside will light up green, informing employees about the possibility of a safe start of loading/unloading.

If the car driver removes the wedge from the wheel prematurely, an audible alarm will sound and the indicator mounted inside the platform will turn red. In this way, the forklift operator, depending on his position, will be alerted to the need to leave the vehicle’s semi-trailer immediately or the ban of entry onto it.

When the work is finished, the forklift operator presses an appropriate button on the control panel, which will make the indicator mounted outside the platform light up green, informing the truck driver about the possibility to remove the wedge and drive away.


  • Clear communication between the truck driver and the loading platform staff, eliminating the risk of accidents
  • Preventing the most common mistakes made by drivers and platform staff
  • Easy installation and use, thanks to a wireless system and a battery that needs to replaced only once a year
  • Durable construction of the wedge allows it to be used for all types of vehicles, without fear of destroying it
  • The system works with all types of electrically operated doors and is also suitable for use in places not equipped with such doors.


Accidents during reloading of goods are extremely frequent and can be dangerous to the health and life of employees.  Besides, they almost always result in the damage of goods and machines and cause downtime. Our security system fully eliminates this problem.


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