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System for keeping social distance

The COVID-19 virus paralysed the work of many companies, infecting a high percentage of the staff. It doesn’t look like the pandemic is going to end soon and companies cannot afford longer downtimes.

Therefore, we must learn how to function, complying with the principles of the sanitary regime, including a distance of approx. 2 meters between employees. Unfortunately, while performing everyday duties, it is easy to forget about it. Our system constantly ensures that employees keep the right distance, alerting them every time they dangerously approach each other.


The basis of the system operation are devices called transponders which communicate with each other on an ongoing basis, measuring the exact distance from each other. If workers come dangerously close to each other, they will be automatically alerted by an audible and vibration alarm. The system allows for precise determination at which distances the warning signals should be activated.

The devices are small in size, so they can be easily attached to various pieces of clothing. They are most often used as wristbands or lanyards.

The system also allows controlling the maintenance of the limit of people staying in a given room. If at least one person above a certain standard enters the room, the device in the form of a flash lamp placed on the wall will signal it with a sound and light alarm. There is also an option to block the entrance door when there is a maximum number of people in the room. No one will be able to enter the room until someone goes outside.

The possibilities for using this system are much wider. We will be happy to adjust it to your individual needs. Thus, we encourage you to contact us.


  • Eliminating situations of social distancing violations
  • Warning employees before approaching each other at a dangerous distance
  • Reducing employee absenteeism by minimizing the spread of viruses
  • Increasing work comfort and safety
  • Facilitating control over the observance of the limits of people in the premises
  • The system can be used in many places, including offices, warehouses, factories, construction sites.
  • High flexibility of work, thanks to the possibility of modifying the distances at which the alarm is triggered (from 1 to 5 meters)
  • High precision of operation (up to 10 centimetres)
  • Possibility to change the way the system is used, depending on the needs


The possibilities of the system go far beyond those described above. This solution will work in all situations where you need to keep a distance between people, vehicles or machines.

We also have a solution that helps maintain social distance in places where people are not equipped with transponders. These are projectors that can display any symbol on the floor, thus indicating places to stand that guarantee a safe distance from other people. They perfectly replace popular stickers. The displayed symbols do not get worn and can be freely adjusted. They will be perfect e.g. in shops and offices.


Feel free to contact us at +48 505-319-829. We will be happy to present you with the available options, help select the most effective solutions and provide you with a valuation.

You can also receive a preliminary valuation after completing the form.

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We encourage you to complete the form below. On its basis, we will initially propose a solution and evaluate it. We will send the whole thing to the indicated e-mail address. We are also happy to call you back on the indicated telephone number and answer any questions.


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