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Virtual horizontal lines

Clear marking of transport and communication routes is necessary in order to ensure safety and efficiency of work in many areas. Lines which are painted or taped directly on the surface of the ground can be used for this purpose. This, however, is not the most effective or economical method.

Lines displayed with a laser or LED lamp work much better. They provide proper visibility, are durable and can be moved at any time, also to a completely different place. Importantly, they can be used in all conditions, even where traditional methods fail.


Both the laser and the LED lamp can be easily mounted on any structure or under the roof.  The mounting bracket enables very precise alignment of the lines displayed on the ground and their adjustment to individual requirements.

Depending on your needs, you can order a device that displays lines of selected length, width and color: red, blue, green or yellow.  You can later modify the length of the line on your own by changing the height at which the device is suspended and the angle of light incidence.

Importantly, the application of such solution makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs as the lines do not have to be renewed, and the devices operate without malfunctioning even in difficult conditions.  The mounting of the devices does not require closing the entire hall, or even parts of it, as the creation of new lines or modification of pathways involves only installing the devices in appropriate places.  They can be used immediately after installation.


  • Clear marking of lines under all lighting conditions
  • Permanent marking on each surface, regardless of whether its dirty, dust-covered, oil-covered or sticky.
  • Efficient solution, even in difficult conditions (the device is resistant to environmental factors, such as low temperatures or dust pollution).
  • Possibility of freely modifying pathways, communication routes and all areas, without the necessity to withhold other works
  • Possibility of modifying the alignment of lines, their length and even purpose
  • Reduction of costs thanks to removing the necessity to renew the lines, and the possibility to freely move them


Virtual lines can be used in many ways. Apart from communication routes, they can also mark, among other things, pathways, separate zones, unloading areas, driveways for machines and cars etc.


We offer several versions of the above-described products. Your choice should depend on your individual needs and the conditions in which the products are to be used.  Therefore, feel free to contact us under the phone number +48 505 319 829

We will be happy to present you the available options, help select the most effective solutions and provide you with valuation.


Dane techniczne:

230 VAC
300mW / 450mW / 750mW
Working temp:
-20 °C to +35°C
Red / Green / Blue
Light angle:
45°, 60°, 90°, 110°
>25 000 h

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